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AAC All Aluminum Conductor, Conductor made of aluminum, term used generally for bare conductors.
Abrasion resistance Ability to resist superficial abrasion under a controlled test method.
Abrasion resistance Ability to resist superficial abrasion under a controlled test method.
Accelerated ageing Process to apply temperature, voltage, etc. higher than the normal values of operation in order to observe the deterioration level on samples.
Accelerator Substance that increases the speed at which a chemical reaction is developed under specific conditions.
Acceptance or Qualification tests These are performed in order to verify the manufacture’s ability to provide equipment or components that meet approved characteristics.
ACREB g Self supported multipair telephone cable (figure 8 or ASPB), for aerial installation, with isolation and PE cover, aluminum belt electrostatic shield and integral galvanized steel bracket, from 10 to 300 ps., to be used at a secondary network.
ACSR Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, Aluminum Cable with steel central reinforcement.
ACV Telephone cord for aerial connection (2 X 18), two hard copper conductors gage 18 AWG and black PVC isolation, at a flat formation.
Admittance Measures how easy it is for a conductor to face the power flow (contrary to impedance).
AEIC Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
Aerial cable Air suspended cable, on poles or structures.
Ageing Irreversible process that changes characteristics after being exposed to operation conditions for certain time term.
Air core cable Telephone cable with an empty core in which the gaps between pairs are occupied by air.
AL Chemical symbol for Aluminum.
Alloy Metal formed by the combination of two or more metals to obtain some specific characteristics.
Alternating Current Electrical current generally in a senoidal form, with a continuously changing direction, the change frequency is expressed in Hertz (cycles per second), and is 60 Hz. In Mexico.
Aluminum Metal produced by electrolytic process where aluminum oxide is separated from its aluminum and oxygen components.
Alumoweld Registered Trademark of Copperweld steel corp. for conductor formed by two metals, steel in the middle and aluminum on the surface, covering the steel.
Ampacity See: Current Conduction Capacity.
Ampere Electrical Current Unit. An Ampere is the current that flows through a resistance in an ohm to which a Volt voltage is applied
ANCE Asociacion de Normalización y Certificación (Standarization and Certification Association of the Mexican Independent Body which standardizes, certifies and verifies products).
Annealing Elimination of mechanical efforts in metal conductors through thermal treatment on a metal to re-orient its clear structure and reach certain temper characteristics (gradual heating or cooling).
Annular type conductor Circular section cable with wires around a core generally not conductor.
ANSI American National Standards Institute
Antioxidant Substance that delays or avoids the degradation of other material exposed to air oxygen or peroxides.
Armor Cable’s mechanical protection. This can be formed by a metallic tube, a layer of helicoidally arranged wires or hearts of steel, helicoidally arranged steel strips, or metal interlock armor (Aluminum or Steel).
Armored, cable Cable with a mechanical protection (Armor).
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
Audio frequency Range of audible frequency by the human ear, generally, from 20 to 20,000 Hz.
AWG American Wire Gauge, standard used to design the wire or electrical cable gage (Diameter).
AWM Appliance Wiring Material, UL designation under specification 758.