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Media Tensión XLPE 5 a 35 kV con Pantalla de Plomo y Cubierta

XLPE 5 to 35 kV Medium Tension

90 °C

General description

Power cable manufactured with a soft copper conductor, concentric lay stranded class B, compressed or compacted with semi-conducting shield over the conductor, cross-linked thermosetting polyethylene insulation, extruded semi-conducting insulation shield, metallic shield manufactured with a continuous layer of lead directly applied on the semi-conducting insulation shield, and a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket. Available in triplex configuration.


  • Viakons XLPE-PB power cables meet the following specification:
  • NMX-J-142 Metal shield power cables, with cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene propylene insulation for 5 to 115 kV.

Main applications

  • Lead sheathed power cables are mainly used for electric power supply and distribution in industrial plants where environmental characteristics are particularly aggressive (refineries, chemical plants, etc.), or where the resistance to moisture or external agents provided by a lead sheath is required. They can be installed in ducts or trays, in conduits or installed directly


  • Maximum operation voltage: 5 000 to 35 000 V between phases (100 and 133% Insulation Level).
  • Maximum operation temperature: 90°C (130° C in overload condition, 250° C in short circuit condition).
  • Copper conductor in sizes from 13.3 to 506.7 mm2 (6 AWG to 1 000 kcmil).
  • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.
  • Lead sheath.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) outer jacket with no-flame propagation characteristic.
  • Red jacket.


  • Bare soft copper cable conductors concentric lay stranded class "B".
  • Meet the no-flame propagation resistance test.
  • May be installed in moist locations.
  • Thermosetting insulation provides thermal stability.
  • Low dielectric losses and highly resistant to partial discharges, due to the XLPE insulation.
  • The lead sheath provides a barrier preventing water, moisture and other contaminating agents from entering into the cable. Also resistant to corrosion and to most chemicals found in industrial installations.
  • Metallic shield:
  • - Provides an excellent ground connection, which improves personal safety conditions
  • during the operation of the cable.
  • - Confines and equalizes the electrostatic field.
  • - Protects operating equipment from electrical failures
  • Outer jacket provides mechanical protection against abrasion and mal-treatment during installation, as well as resistance to a wide variety of chemical agents and environmental and industrial contaminants.