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Cable Distribución Aérea (PSD)

Aerial Dist. Cable (PSD)

600 V / 75 °C

General description

Cable manufactured with one, two, or more copper or aluminum conductors, with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) thermoplastic black insulation, helically applied around a bare copper or aluminum neutral- messenger conductor.


  • Viakons Overhead Distribution Cables meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-063-SCFI Electric products- conductors - safety requirements.
  • NMX-J-061-ANCE Multiple-conductor cables for low voltage overhead or underground distribution.
  • CFE E0000-09 Multiple Conductors for Overhead Distribution up to 600 V, 75°C.
  • LFC GDD-030 Cable BM Cu.
  • Note: Can also be manufactured under the ICEA standard.

Main applications

  • Suitable for use in low tension overhead power distribution systems.
  • As an overhead secondary feeder.
  • For permanent or temporary electrical lighting installations in general.


  • Maximum operation tension: 600 V.
  • Maximum conductor operation temperature: 75°C
  • Insulated copper conductors are made with soft or annealed copper, and bare conductors with hard or medium hard copper (CFE).
  • Aluminum insulated and bare conductors are manufactured with 1350- H19 alloy hard drawn aluminum.
  • ACSR bare conductors are manufactured with 1350-H19 alloy hard drawn aluminum and a steel core.
  • Black insulation for sunlight resistance.


  • Hard and medium-hard drawn temper allows them to support the installation tension and longer wiring lengths.
  • Polyethylene insulation is resistant to abrasion caused by tree branches.
  • Resistant to Sunlight and Weather.