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Alambres y Cables Tipo Intemperie (WP)

Weather Proof Wires and Cables (WP)

600 V / 75 °C

General description

Conductor that can be a half-hard copper wire or cable with High Density Polyethylene (PEAD) thermoplastic isolation in black.


  • Viakons Weather Proof Wires and Cables meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-063-SCFI Electric products- conductors - safety requirements.
  • NMX-054-ANCE Polyethylene isolated wires and cables for low tension weather proof installations.
  • ICEA S-95-658 Standard for Nonshielded Power Cable Rated 2000 volts or less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy.

Main applications

  • Weather proof wires and cables are general usage products in low tension electrical power distribution systems


  • Maximum operation tension: 600 V.
  • Maximum operation temperature in the conductor: 75°C
  • Half-hard temper cooper conductor.
  • They are manufactured in gages:
  • Wire from 3,307 to 33,62 mm2 (12 to 2 AWG ).
  • Cable from 8,367 to 107,2 mm2 (8 to 4/0 AWG).
  • Black tinted isolation that makes it sunlight resistant.


  • Their half-hard temper allows them to support the installation tension and greater wiring lengths.
  • Their polyethylene isolation allows them to resist abrasion with tree branches.
  • Sunlight and weather resistant.
  • Note: These cables are available upon request, in aluminum alloy 1 350 or aluminum cable steel reinforced (ACSR).